Most of my pieces were conceived in relation to a specific album.  Here is a list of them:

Song for an imaginary tribe

Song for an imaginary tribe

Dreaming, only dreaming

Hard Times



The Old Fields



Here and now with you

The easy life

This is a double album of songs from 2009/2010 which is basically like a holiday photo album. Phil Cashin sung on them and we produced them together as a one-off 'group' 'Silken Tiger'. Melanie Pappenheim, Tony Maloney and Chrissy Cashin also contributed


Includes:  The easy life, Bangkok expressway, Written in their eyes, Bike in the rain, When the moon

Consider this town

Consider this town

River on a sunny day


Another hot night before rain

Ma Jeunesse d’été


The Sun in the Summer Sky

We lost our minds



The turning world

Find your way Home 

Kos '95 

Run to the Sun (Acoustic mix)

Tides & Bells

A simple story  

Nothing's gone forever 

The sweetest groove 

These things matter

The turning world 

Run to the sun (Finale)

© 2015 Jonathan Parry.