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musical philosophy
In the course of studying music and developing my craft as a composer  I formulated some original ideas about the science of music, its structure, its potential for development, and also its application to wider philosophical and technical matters.

Some of those ideas date back as far as the early 80's, but seem to be increasingly relevant given the dramatic evolution of computing and the growing interest in AI.  Others may be seen as useful in helping with the formulation of a new inclusive style of Classical music.

I plan to publish a series of essays and formulae here on this website together with some explanatory videos on my YouTube channel, so do please subscribe and follow me on Twitter to hear of new releases.

1st Talk published:

'MUSIC AND IDEAS: Musical Translation

Jonathan Parry Musical Translation Talk YouTube

Master of Philosophy Thesis 1984

(Sheffield University) 

(100 pp) * Special thanks to Dr David Boshier for retrieving this

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